Experts ensure that 2021 will be favorable for the Transportation Industry

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The delivery of vaccines against COVID-19 in the United States represents a challenge for the global industry, and the transport industry is ahead in 2021. Besides, not only this, but there are many tasks that driving professionals have to face, which generates a favorable outlook, according to experts.

In an article posted on, Shannon Newton (president of the Arkansas Trucking Association) commented that drivers deliver the products that help communities recover after storms and natural disasters. And now, in the middle of the pandemic, he assured that the industry delivered the goods that people needed to take refuge in their place. “With a vaccine ready, trucking is delivering what we need to be able to safely leave our homes again. I look forward to a new understanding and appreciation for the trucks that are on the road”.

For his part, Doug Voss (chairman of the Scott E. Bennett Arkansas Highway Commission at the University of Central Arkansas) predicts 2021 will be a good year for carriers amid high freight rates. According to him, Spot rates in 2020 were sometimes higher than 2018 levels. Compared to 2019, diesel prices decreased approximately 18%, while shipping revenue increased approximately 0.6%. But rising insurance costs and driver salaries have slashed profits, he noted. “In general, I think 2021 will be a better year than 2020 for trucking”, said Voss. “We’re sitting here looking at all the really good indicators”.

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