The device sends out a signal at a pre-established time interval. That signal is transmitted out to a specialized software to read and interpret it as the location of the device
MondoTracking offers a monitoring platform, hardware and data.
All products are new and direct from the manufacturer.
All the devices come equipped with a sim card
It is an indication that you are within your driving hours. However, when the 11 hours of driving clock, has 10 hours and 30 minutes, it will change to Adverse Conditions, and then it will extend the driving hours to the driver by at least 2 hours, due to traffic, snow or any inconvenience you have had.
There are three odometers on the ECMs: Normal odometer High resolution odometer Dashboard Odometer Mondo ELD HOS uses the High-Resolution odometer, not the one on the dash, as it does not always come on the bus. Also, in the case of light vehicles (OBDII), the data is sometimes encrypted, and the dongle manufacturers do not pay for the decoding. The important thing is to see the distance traveled, for the ELD, to verify if when the truck moves, it is seen in the odometer reading.
When your status is “Driving” in the same place without detecting movement for at least 5min, the ELD will automatically switch you to On Duty, to avoid the consumption of driving hours.
It is found in the Dashboard tab, and Last Status, if the driver is in ON Duty or Driving, it will change every 15 minutes, otherwise, it does not update until the driver changes status.
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