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Mondo Tracking


About Us

MondoTracking is a problem-solving company that offers the latest technology in GPS tracking and ELD for the Trucking Industry. Our equipment and solutions serve a variety of purposes including fleet, vehicle, and asset management as well as personal/pet tracking.

​Our mission is to be the number one provider in the national and international market for location and tracking services with mobile units through GPS. As well as, integrating the best platform in the market by providing security, guaranteeing efficiency, and protection of your assets.

Our GPS tracking and IoT platform tracks over 2.5 million mobile and stationary units in 130 countries of the world and affords projects of any complexity, supporting more than 590 hardware manufacturers so you could find a proper telematics device.

ELD Compliance

Since 2015, we offer the solution for controlling the compliance with the work and rest schedule as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Drivers love our ELD solution and fleet managers’ trust us because it is not just about getting the basic functionalities right, but also about providing extensive service to our customers.

We are FMCSA Registered, professionally qualified, but more importantly, always available.

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