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It was recently explained to fleet managers at various companies
by Tesla Semi program manager Guthrie Gintzler how electric
trucks can reduce transportation costs and emissions. In this way,
he justifies the large investment in developing the truck and the
one in scaling up production that is being made right now.

As a Tesla employee, Gintzler rose quickly through the company,
rising to the position of head of the Tesla Semi program last year.
The University of Pennsylvania awarded him a degree in Applied
Mechanical Engineering and Wharton awarded him a degree in
Economics, Finance and Business Administration. In the process
of delivering the first units of the electric truck to his future clients,
Gintzler tries to convince them that the proposal is viable.

According to him, just the top 20 fleet operators in the United
States, which operate many diesel trucks, could reduce emissions
by 2.5% if they took actions. In spite of the fact that these semi-
trailers represent just about 1% of all vehicles of this type that are
on the road, they account for about 40% of all emissions in the
transportation sector.

SOURCE: www.hibridosyelectricos.com

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