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A field that has historically been for men, is now gaining ground by leaps and bounds in favor of women. The number of female drivers of cargo trucks in mining, which is estimated to be close to 10%, is not a small figure, considering a few years ago, the percentage was a mere 2%. An example of this is the driving of cargo trucks in mining.

In fact, it is the lack of drivers or workers who are interested in playing a role inside a truck, which is one of the most pressing concerns for land transport companies now. This situation is not a small one, since it can severely affect the logistics chains of the countries and lead to severe problems in the supply of goods, implying an inflationary impact on the economy that is not small at all.

But, according to the Women in Trucking Association, The United States is seeing an increase in the number of women truck drivers. For decades, “the trucking industry has struggled to retain workers, and women are helping to fill the gaps. In addition, their share of jobs in the trucking industry has also increased as the labor market participation rate of various countries has generally decreased for men of working age”.

SOURCE: El Clarin

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