Interesting facts about GPS

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Surely you know what a GPS is and, suddenly, you have even used it. But this system has a functioning that is worth knowing. Behind it is a huge job preparing satellites and complex electronics. Also, there are some data that, perhaps, you do not know. Do you want to discover them? We present below the best curiosities about GPS.

  • The United States Department of Defense finances and controls GPS.
  • In its beginnings, the Navstar-GPS system was primarily motivated to meet the needs of the military world.
  • The most important control and monitoring station are in El Paso County, Colorado Springs.
  • GPS is not a system that is active for espionage activities as many have thought for years.
  • GPS satellites are not geostationary: they are at an altitude of 20,200 kilometers and have an orbit inclination of 55 degrees.
  • The civil GPS works with two different types of frequencies, the civil and the military one: in the case of the civil one it is 1575.42 Mhz, and one of 1227.60 Mhz for the military one.

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