Will autonomous trucks put carriers out of work?

November 28, 2022 7:00 am

Apparently, it could happen. A new study estimates that in just a few
years, self-driving trucks could account for 94% of driving hours in the
US and put more than half a million people out of work.

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh (United
States) were the ones who published the estimate. And today there
are several companies testing their 100% autonomous trucks on
American roads.

Among them is TuSimple, a Californian company that will start
operations soon, serving the rail giant Union Pacific Railroad. The plan
for now is for its autonomous trucks to transport goods between the
urban centers of Tucson and Phoenix, in the state of Arizona.

SOURCE: https://www.elconfidencial.com/

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This post was written by Diego Arteaga