December 21, 2022 1:46 am

In the United States, the trucking industry is undergoing a period of rapid change that
could potentially reshape the entire industry. The sector is moving towards an
uberization of the trucker because of forced marches.

As a result of the pandemic, transportation costs skyrocketed and, after the economic
recovery, truckers were in short supply, all of which contributed to the skyrocketing of
transportation costs.

In contrast, the United States is now experiencing the reverse situation. As a result of a
decrease in demand, goods accumulate in warehouses and transport prices decrease
as there are too many trucks on the road.

The technology companies, including Uber itself as well as Uber Freight, are taking
advantage of this situation to gain market share, attract truckers, and acquire the most
vulnerable transport brokers (intermediaries that connect carriers with companies) that
are adversely affected by this shortage. Ultimately, the goal is to accumulate market
share in order to control prices at will later on.

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This post was written by Diego Arteaga