The T800 tractor is the best-selling in history

November 25, 2022 7:00 am

The legendary T800 tractor, mostly known as the “the war horse” for
its robust structure that began to travel the Mexican highways in 1988
and now it rolls throughout the United States, it has been the best-
selling tractor in history, exceeding 65 thousand units.

It was launched a couple of years earlier in America, combining road
efficiency with durability both on and off the road.

Regardless of the carrier generation, it was a favorite because of its
versatility and classic style. It was available with 38-, 72-, and 86-inch
sleeping quarters in its AeroCab and Aerodyne versions. In addition, it
was the last model to carry the Kenmex manufacturing seal on the
sides of its chests.

Its successor is the T880, which with its 2.1-meter cabin offers greater
space and comfort for the operator. It is available in Day cab versions,
with a 52-inch and 76-inch sleeper. It currently has screens and digital
indicators that put it one step ahead in technology, safety, and
visibility. The market is ready to take full advantage of everything the
T880 has to offer, said Luis Chi, Marketing Director of the automaker.


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This post was written by Diego Arteaga