December 23, 2022 7:50 am

A startup called Pickle Robot founded by former MIT students is dedicated to
manufacturing three-dimensional robotic arms to operate on trucks and containers to
empty them. The company raised $26 million in a Series A round, and it offers an
intriguing glimpse into what logistics will look like in the future.

Everything arises when we focus on the automation of logistics, since transport is
usually considered, within its still evident limitations, and still mainly speaking of
future scenarios, through the concept of autonomous vehicles (ships carrying
containers or trucks driving on the road).

It seems that, with all the problems associated with the concept of moving heavy
vehicles loaded with merchandise, the idea that they do not require a person or a
crew to move from origin to destination is becoming more and more realistic.
Creating a foundation for the elimination of jobs such as truck driver or merchant

A robotic arm designed specifically for the purpose of traveling within a container or
trailer, identifying the various boxes and their position, lifting them, and depositing
them on a conveyor belt or in a specific vehicle can be a very helpful tool in these
situations, as it can identify the different boxes and their position and then lift them to
a conveyor belt or an enclosed vehicle.


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This post was written by Diego Arteaga