December 29, 2022 1:56 am

Finally, the day came. Tesla manages to deliver the first electric trucks. It is about
the Semi, which some companies like Pepsi already have, which at the time carried
out orders from the manufacturer created by Elon Musk.

But even though Tesla has suffered delays of all kinds in this delivery, it manages to
fulfill its promise five years after announcing the news. And it is that, among the
manufacturing or supply problems during the pandemic, things have not been
particularly easy in the factories of the North American company. However, you
already see the result.

These trucks, which are the future according to Musk to achieve a better world,
using four independent motors on their rear axle that allow for acceleration
unthinkable for other trucks. In addition, autonomy is quite interesting: the best Semi
model in this section can reach 500 miles with its maximum load of 81,000 pounds
(this one is priced at $180,000, while the one that stays at 300 miles drops to

Undoubtedly, they are good benefits!

SOURCE: https://cincodias.elpais.com

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This post was written by Diego Arteaga