How far does the ELD change from the current state to Driving automatically once the truck starts moving?

A: Between 2 to 3 miles of movement using current location.

What is the Normal Conditions option used for?

A: It is an indication that you are within your driving hours. However, when the 11 hours of driving clock, has 10 hours and 30 minutes, it will change to Adverse Conditions, and then it will extend the driving hours to the driver by at least 2 hours, due to traffic, snow or any inconvenience you have had.

Why is the odometer on my truck's dashboard different from the one on the ELD?

A: There are three odometers on the ECMs:

Normal odometer
High resolution odometer
Dashboard Odometer

Mondo ELD HOS uses the High-Resolution odometer, not the one on the dash, as it does not always come on the bus.

Also, in the case of light vehicles (OBDII), the data is sometimes encrypted, and the dongle manufacturers do not pay for the decoding.

The important thing is to see the distance traveled, for the ELD, to verify if when the truck moves, it is seen in the odometer reading.

Why does it automatically switch from Driving to On Duty?

A: When your status is “Driving” in the same place without detecting movement for at least 5min, the ELD will automatically switch you to On Duty, to avoid the consumption of driving hours.

As an administrator, I need to know where my drivers are, how do I get the current location of the driver, and how often is it updated?

A: It is found in the Dashboard tab, and Last Status, if the driver is in ON Duty or Driving, it will change every 15 minutes, otherwise, it does not update until the driver changes status.

Why is the certification of my logs in English if my application is in Spanish?

A: Certification is a legal term that must be written in that language, for legal purposes.

When you install the ELD application on a tablet, and it tells you that the ELD could not be configured, what could be the problem?

A: Two options:

The operating system of the tablet is an old version, 5.0 or lower.
It has not been possible to reach the server to download the data, it can be random, apparently, they are load and connectivity issues, it is suggested to wait a while and try later.

Under what circumstances can a driver operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) as a means of personal transportation?

A: A driver may record time operating a CMV for personal conveyance (i.e., for personal use or reasons) as off-duty only when the driver is relieved from work and all responsibility for performing work by the motor carrier. The CMV may be used for personal conveyance even if it is laden since the load is not being transported for the commercial benefit of the carrier at that time.

Personal conveyance does not reduce a driver’s or motor carrier’s responsibility to operate a CMV safely. Motor carriers can establish personal conveyance limitations either within the scope of, or more restrictive than, this guidance, such as banning use of a CMV for personal conveyance purposes, imposing a distance limitation on personal conveyance, or prohibiting personal conveyance while the CMV is laden.

The following are examples of appropriate uses of a CMV while off-duty for personal conveyance include, but are not limited to:

1.Time spent traveling from a driver’s end route lodging (such as a motel or truck stop) to restaurants and entertainment facilities.

2.Commuting between the driver’s terminal and his or her residence, between trailer-drop lots and the driver’s residence, and between work sites and his or her residence. In these scenarios, the commuting distance combined with the release from work and start to work times must allow the driver enough time to obtain the required restorative rest as to ensure the driver is not fatigued.

3.Time spent traveling to a nearby, reasonable, safe location to obtain required rest after loading or unloading. The time driving under personal conveyance must allow the driver adequate time to obtain the required rest in accordance with minimum off-duty periods under 49 CFR 395.3(a)(1) (property-carrying vehicles) or 395.5(a) (passenger-carrying vehicles) before returning to on-duty driving, and the resting location must be the first such location reasonably available.

4.Moving a CMV at the request of a safety official during the driver’s off-duty time

5.Time spent traveling in a motor coach without passengers to end route lodging (such as motel or truck stop), or to restaurants and entertainment facilities and back to the lodging. In this scenario, the driver of the motor coach can claim personal conveyance provided the driver is off duty. Other off-duty drivers may be on board the vehicle and are not considered passengers.

6.Time spent transporting personal property while off-duty.

Authorized use of a CMV to travel home after working at an offsite location.

How is personal transportation time calculated in hours of service rules?

A: Time spent on personal transportation is time off duty.

Is there a maximum distance time or distance limits for the use of personal transportation?

A: No. However, it is important to note that the provision in FMCSA §392.3, which prohibits the operation of a commercial motor vehicle while fatigued, continues to apply. Therefore, the driver should get enough rest before driving again.


Do the devices come with SIM cards?

A: Devices are sold without SIM cards and they will need to be purchased separately.

Are the devices new or refurbished?

A: All products are new and direct from the manufacturer.

Does MondoTracking provide a monitoring platform for the devices?

A: MondoTracking offers a monitoring platform, hardware and data.

How does GPS tracking work?

A: The device sends out a signal at a pre-established time interval. That signal is transmitted out to a specialized software to read and interpret it as the location of the device

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