Mondo ELD Service Plan


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Since 2015, we offer the solution for controlling the compliance with the work and rest schedule as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Mondo ELD HOS meets local and federal regulations on USA, Canada, and Mexico; and support the following rulesets:

  • 60 hours / 7 days
  • 70 hours / 8 days
  • Cycle Hours Recap
  • Texas intrastate
  • Florida intrastate
  • Short-haul exemption
  • Adverse Conditions
  • Vehicle inspection report (DVIR)
  • IFTA reports

Drivers can access the compliance software they need using their phones or tablets, with Android or iOS system. 24/7 English and Spanish Technical Support NOTE: If you have an ECM device, you just have to activate the service on our platform. After that, you’ll be billed $20 monthly on the 1 first day of each month. No contract, you can cancel at any time. Supported ECM devices:

  • 3R Tablet VT-7
  • VT-7
  • A-Track AX9, AX7B, AK-11, AX11
  • CalAmp LM-4230, V-Series, LMU3640
  • DCT Syrus 3GBL
  • B-Electronics ELD4U
  • ERM Telematics StarLink
  • Fleetilla LX-200
  • Geometris whereQube 80-Series
  • JACS TT800V
  • SunTech ST20+
  • Teltonika FM3001
  • Wireless Link BlueLink

One-time activation fee: $40
Mondly fee: $20


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