GV50MG LTE Vehicle Tracking

The GV50MG LTE Cat M1/NB1 is a cost-effective compact integrated tracker, designed for wide-ranging light-duty applications…


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Availability: 10 in stock

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The GV50MG LTE Cat M1/NB1 is a cost effective compact integrated tracker, designed for wide ranging light duty applications, including asset protection, stolen vehicle recovery and simple fleet management. Certificated by FCC/Verizon to work in North America and FCC/Verizon/CE/E-Mark worldwide. Features:

  • Ultra-thin Device.
  • Multiple I/O Interfaces for Monitoring and Control.
  • Internal 3-axis Accelerometer for Motion Detection.
  • Driving Behavior Monitoring and Incident Notification.

General Specifications

  • Backup Battery Li-Polymer 190 mAh
  • Operating Voltage 8V to 32V DC
  • Operating Temperature -30℃~ +80℃
  • Digital Input 1 positive trigger input for ignition detection
  • Digital Output 1 digital output, open drain, 150 mA max drive current
  • Digital Input/Output 1 special I/O can be configured as a negative trigger digital input or an open-drain output with 150 mA max drive current
  • Serial Port 1 TTL UART port for upgrading and debugging
  • Cellular Antenna Internal only
  • GNSS Antenna Internal only
  • LED Indicators CEL, GNSS

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