August 18, 2022 10:04 pm

The digitalization of some processes is one of the main solutions used in logistics and transport to optimize processes and day-to-day management. This is what the expert Carlos Zubialde comments on in his article.  


The digitization of processes has an immediate impact, as results and the advantages are innumerable. All processes that can be automated will allow positive changes in traditional operations and increase their efficiency.


The noticeable benefit in digitization is its savings. This occurs with the saving of time in the management of logistics and transport that is carried out using various forms of technology. But not only does it increase productivity by reducing management times, it also increases efficiency by eliminating errors in execution.


In short, digitization has enormous benefits for logistics operators and land, sea, and air carriers. Improving the customer experience is another bonus, as well as providing visibility to the consumer.

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This post was written by Diego Arteaga